iCash 7.5

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Max Programming, S.L.

iCash is an advanced accounting program suitable for users who don't have any accounting experience. This program will help you keep track of all your cash and financial operations. The program can be used by small and medium companies, and it's also suitable for personal use. You will be able to record your income, expenses, assets, stocks, bonds, bank loans, credit card accounts and other financial items.

This program will help you make various currency conversions using different pairs, specifying the exchange rate for each one. Many business reports are supported by this program, such as Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statement and others. The program will allow you to create different budgets for income, expenses, dividends, salaries, gifts, clothes, taxes and many other items. Many tools are included in the program, such as a Scheduler, Favorites, Charts and others. The Scheduler enables you to perform scheduled transactions of several types on different accounts.

You can create multiple billing profiles and accounts using the same program and each one will be completely separate. The trial version of this program is limited to 100 transactions and 100 accounts per document.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Multilingual installer
  • Charting feature
  • Scheduled transactions feature
  • Manage taxes, funds, stocks, bank accounts and more


  • The charting feature is difficult to use
  • Billing documents cannot be protected with a password
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